Saturday, November 13, 2010

Solid GOLD CO. Seeking Marketing Partners Worldwide

Can You recognize opportunity Knocking? 16 Year old company seeking Independent Marketing Partners who are looking for long term financial security. You will have no setup fees, no monthly fees so absolutely no out-of-pocket costs. KB Gold needs you to setup a Worldwide distribution system.

This company has the world's first and only "gold backed' savings accounts. It is one of two companies, in the world, that produces and distributes 1 gram bars, and the first and only company with the smaller weight 1/2 gram and 1/4 gram ingots and bars enabling more people to buy-sell-own and control the commodity everyone wants...GOLD! Think about it. How many people can buy Gold by the ounce or by the bar. And what happens in a crisis? Could you take a gold Bar to the grocery store to buy your weeks groceries? You could take your 1/2 or 1/4 gram Gold bars anywhere in the world and exchange them for products or services.

KB Gold has the Gold Mines. KB Gold Has the Refinery. KB Has the Production Facilities and as a KB Partner you will be the sales force. KB Gold has opened up 5 countries with their Gold Backed Savings Accounts. You could be one of the first KB Marketing Partners to open your country.

If you are interested in making serious money with the KB Partner Compensation Plan, view the details in a webinar recorded on Oct. 12,2010:

Two very informative videos can be found at:

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